5 Things I Love about Barbados

My vacation time in Barbados has come to an end, but I really enjoyed myself. I did several things – like visited Harrison’s cave, went to town, had a coconut and milk snow cone for this first time. I had a good time, but here are my favorite things I did. Maybe you are thinking about going and can check these things out as well.

5. Riding the vans

The vans were a cheap way to get around Barbados. Taxi rides are expensive and can add up. I walked to some places and rode the vans for further distances. They usually had Soca music blasting and squeezed as many people that could fit.

4. Hanging in the Gap

Last year my hotel was in the center of the Gap, next door to bars and clubs. This year I stayed in walking distance to the Gap. I like the Flying Fish Sandwich at Rostrevor and Strawberry Shake at Sharkey’s bar. Sharkey’s has other cocktails and drinks, but my favorite was the Strawberry Shake. I also played pool with my boyfriend and cousin at the Cove. The Cove has the best rum sour my drink of choice.

3. The Beach

Of course, when you go to a place surrounded by water, you must go to the beach. That is not a suggestion, otherwise why go to an Island in the first place? The locals are pretty helpful and will tell you the nicest beaches to visit. You can also try one of the day cruises, I did it last year and it was very relaxing.

2.  Local restaurants

I liked local restaurants because the food was fresh. My favorite restaurant is the Sand Dollar Cafe because they have the best salad and grilled kingfish. I also liked Cofee’s macaroni pie, it was delicious. Some other restaurants to try (might not be considered local) are Chefette, Cafe Sol, and Cast Aways. Chefette has a good roti, a wrap with your choice of meat. Cafe Sol, a mexican restaurant, had the best buffalo wings that were nice and crispy with a little kick. Cast Aways has Bajan food with a twist, I tried Bajan tacos which has flying fish and coleslaw wrapped in a flour tortilla, it was way better than I expected.

1. The parties

I left before Crop Over, but leading up to Crop Over are a bunch of parties. I went to Puff of Color and Tipsy, both were all white parties. I really enjoyed myself at Tipsy because it wasn’t as crowded as Puff of Color. Both played Soca music, but two of the artist performed at Tipsy Bunji Garland and Kes. I was happy to see them live.

My time in Barbados seemed short. I wanted to spend more days being a beach bum. Now that my vacation is over, it is almost time for me to start school again, but I will not think too hard about it and enjoy the time I have left.


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