5 Tips for Traveling

Tip # 1 – Have some extra money

Egypt was the first trip I took after moving to Kuwait. I went with some coworkers and we all agreed to use a travel agent. I had just enough money for the activities. That was a mistake because there are shopping and extras (like camel rides in my case). Anyway, I learned my lesson after being worried and embarrassed about not having enough money.
Tip # 2- It matters who you travel with
I can not give out a list of the right people to travel with, but I can say be cautious. Go with like-minded people. Travel is fun with friends, but don’t let girl trip fantasies cause you to just go with people you don’t know well because they are available. Think about it- you will be spending time with these people and will more than likely be with them all day every day. I also recommend having your own room, unless you are staying with family or close friends. Traveling alone is a good option as well.
Tip # 3 – Establish some ground rules with your group
This is similar to tip #2, but when traveling with people for the first time it is important to establish some ground rules or understandings. It is good to simply have a discussion on where everyone stands about splinting up, meeting times, and schedule. Everybody is not going to want to do the same things, so it is important to discuss what the group will do. Does your group want to stick together at all times? Are there people who want to splurge? Save money? This will help determine who’s going to do what to avoid issues.
Tip # 4 – Use a travel website
I bought my plane ticket, hotel, and experiences through Expedia when I went to Thailand. Sometimes you can get lucky and find good deals without travel services, but I like the travel website because you get discounts when you buy your flight and hotel together. I found in Thailand that it was cheaper to book online through Expedia than paying for the experience when I got there.
Tip # 5 – Enjoy yourself
Whether it’s taking lots of pictures, going on adventures, talking to the locals, make sure you are enjoying yourself.



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