Journey to London

Summer is almost over and I’m back in Kuwait getting ready for the school year. On my way back I had an 8-hour layover in London. I decided to visit Windsor castle. I arrived at 1:15pm and planned on leaving by 2:15pm.  I was hoping to get to the Castle by 3:30pm making it in just enough time before the last entry time which is 4:00pm. Customs didn’t take long, but by the time I switched to a different terminal and dropped my bags off I was two hours behind schedule.

Next, I had to get on the train. The train was pretty straightforward, but I didn’t get to Windsor until 3:55. Of course in Jahmella like fashion, I went the opposite way to the entrance and didn’t make it. Good thing my ticket last for a year.  Besides, supposedly I had to print them out, which I didn’t have time to do because I got the tickets in transit.
I tried to plan my layover early, but I kept getting my times mixed up. I was a little disappointed,  but it was ok because at least I didn’t have to be in that stuffy airport for 8 hours. Since I couldn’t get in, I took some pictures of the castle. After taking a few shots I was told that I couldn’t pass a certain point because the castle was closed.
 I had a couple of hours so I did some window shopping. The styles are slightly different, but some styles like the colorful striped pants or suits I have seen everywhere. Another difference in stores compared to the UShave they already had their winter coats out. Even though in the US stores were bringing in fall clothes, there were not any coats being sold. Also, the material of some clothes were better quality, thicker, and not flimsy like clothes sold in the states.
By the way, Heathrow airport is really intense about liquids, so beware. And I’m not talking about having a bottle of water either. I had all small containers, even my deodorant, but they all must fit in one medium size zip lock bag. I have been to many airports and I don’t even bother taking them out for security. At Heathrow, all this matters. Again I’m talking about the 3-ounce containers that are acceptable. Also, it’s about the size of the container, not the amount of product inside, just in case you didn’t know. Anyway, I waited for about 30 minutes to get my bag checked. Most of the bags where getting rejected and the line I was in was the slowest because the agent was slow compared to the others, I mean super slow. The manager took me and another person elsewhere because he was moving so slow and had a long line of bags. I had to get rid of my deodorant, mascara, a couple of other things.
Also at Heathrow, the gate number wasn’t posted until after boarding time. I asked information and they told me to just wait and that I will have enough time. Of course, It was finally posted and I made it to the plane on time. I sat next to a sweet family with the cutest set of twin babies, a boy, and a girl, and two children no older than 8. The rest of my trip was smooth and I made it to Kuwait in one piece. Now it’s time to get back to business.
I was across from the castle and thought these were pretty flowers.

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