Living the 4c Life in a Bone Straight World

Rarely do I ever hear a woman boast about the fact that they have perfect hair. No matter what texture a woman has, there is always a problem she has with her hair. I want to make a point to say when I talk about having 4c hair, I am not complaining. I am also not trying to say that I have it worst, although I’m sure if people got to choose their hair most wouldn’t choose 4c. As always I am simply talking about my experience. I wrote about the inner struggle and external struggle in this post. Now I am going to talk about the battle with my hair and how I learned to manage it.

As I was learning to accept my hair and accept that everyone wasn’t going to like it, I had to learn how to do it. I didn’t have Youtube to go to for hair tutorials, I learned through trial and error. I quickly learned that water was my friend. Anytime I washed it I had to twist or braid it to let it dry. If I did not twist or braid my hair after a wash it would be a tangled mess and the only way I could do anything was to wet it again. I didn’t blow dry my hair for this reason as well. I did not know how to blow dry it properly and would end up with matted hair. The biggest problem I had with my hair was when it would get tangled. Being that my hair is tightly coiled, tangles seem like the nature of my hair. There is a difference between coils and tangles. When my hair got tangled it was hard, almost impossible to comb through. If my hair got tangled it was painful to comb it out without water. The water made it easier to manipulate my hair, but even with this, I had to be careful. There were times when it seemed like my hair had a mind of its own. Add the fact that my hair had different textures, some parts would be easily manipulated while at the same time I had to give other sections tender love and care.

I had my famous two braider

My natural hair regime was very simple, wash, twist, moisturize/grease, style. Sometimes my mom would get someone to do my hair for me. Most times I wore a simple ponytail.  In the summertime, I usually got cornrows with added hair, which were perfect for the summer activities. Skip a few years and I discovered twist outs. I not sure exactly when I discovered twist outs, but it was the best thing that happened to my life.

Fast forward years later and you have a plethora of information you can find on the internet about how to take care of your hair. While I like that information is at my fingertips, I hate it at the same time. I can go on youtube to find a vlog on the benefits of doing an apple cider vinegar rinse (ACV).  I can take the same topic and find a list of vlogs warning against ACV rinses. How does a person know what they should and should not do with their hair? Here are some tips at navigating useful information when it comes to hair care.


Keep it simple

When there wasn’t youtube all I had was a comb, pick, water, and grease and I made it work. I didn’t have a lot of different products to use. Stick to the basics, clarifying shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer oil. If I came across a vlogger who was sharing their tips on growing long hair, I took their advice with a grain of salt and only added to what I was already doing.

Listen to it

Learning what works best for your hair will be trial and error. You can find information on what worked for others, but you still have to do the work for yourself. As I have stated you can stick to the basic products first. Pay attention to the effects of the products on your hair. Learn the porosity of your hair and your hair type that way you can find the type of products that work best for your hair. Learn to work with it, instead of trying to force it to do what you want.

Water is your friend

While water does make the hair frizz up, it is what helps to style the hair. Water your hair and lock the moisture in with an oil of your choice. Do your best to moisturize your hair often, your 4c hair depends on it. Do not listen to any influencer or vlogger that says otherwise.

Love your hair and it will love you back

If you treat your hair like something you love instead of your worst enemy, trust me it will be easier to deal with. The biggest struggle I had with my hair texture is that I hated it at first. Once I start accepting that it wasn’t going to change and start loving it, I learned to work with it. I learned to pay attention to it. I did my best to moisturize it often. When I started to love my hair I started to work with it and not against it.


What did I miss? What are your natural hair tips?


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