Brunch in Bahrain

Now my favorite leisure activity is Brunch. Brunch is basically just a late breakfast. I can’t think of anything particularly special about brunch, I just love it. Now imagine all the food stations you could possibly think of plus unlimited drinks. This was brunch in Bahrain. There was a burger station, a soup station, a salad station, an international food station, a sushi station, and a dessert station, and there even was ice cream. There was so much food. When I first got there with my friends it was only us and another group of people there. I was worried that all that food would go to waste. After about 30 minutes people started piling in. People from all walks of life. That is one thing that makes Bahrain different from Kuwait – diversity. The brunch was half the day and after it was over there was a little after party.

Bahrain has been on my to do list for about a year now. It is a cheap trip coming from Kuwait and is definitely worth it. It’s worth it for me because I live in a dry country with a limited amount of activities. There are only so many times you can go to the mall before that gets boring. Bahrain is a perfect getaway because of how cheap it is to get there and because you can get bacon. Yes bacon. Have you ever lived in a place where you had to have connections to get bacon? That was the main thing I was looking forward to. The bacon wasn’t ready when we got there and we had to wait for a few minutes. I sampled a variety of food while I waited. The food wasn’t the greatest, but it was good. Or maybe I was just hungry. Buffets are a hit or miss. Sometimes the food is amazing, but sometimes it is bland. I wonder if a place like New Orleans with really good food has good buffets? Anyway, I waited a while for the bacon and searched for it in the meat station. It turns out they actually were not serving bacon but offered to cook us some. Although I was happy to finally get the bacon, it wasn’t the best. Still, I was happy to get some.

After the brunch was the after party. After the after party we chilled at home, just to go back out again that night. We went to a place called Busters that had a very weird vibe to it, a bunch of old men and young Asian women. I don’t know what kind of mix that is. We ended up at a place called Wrangler’s and I had a ball. The DJ was really good and he kept screaming “I’m from Miami B****!”. I was having such a good time that my friends were ready to go and I kept saying “one more song”. The song would end, but the next song was even better. Eventually, I told them to leave and that I would be ok because at least one of our other friends were there. Even he left on some midnight escapade. I stayed until the place closed.

The previous night I met a girl from Uganda and she suggested I got to Wranglers. It was a coincidence that I ended up there because it happened to be really close to where I was staying. All in all, I had a blast in Bahrain and will go back again. Actually, I was asking myself why I didn’t go sooner?

What is your favorite restaurant to have brunch? What is that spot known for?


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