Life in Kuwait: The Weekend


“Yeah yeah it’s the weekend baby, whooo!”

When I heard this on the radio it would make my day. My weekend starts promptly on Thursday’s and ends abruptly on Saturday. It took time to get adjusted to the change and for the longest time I would say Thursday/Friday for the start of the weekend and Sunday/Monday for the start of the week.

Do you hate Mondays? Do you suffer from the Monday blues? Try having your work week began on Sunday. At first, it just didn’t feel right. Sunday Funday became Sunday/Monday. Anyway, I have been here for almost two years and I’m use to it. Occasionally, I may slip up and tell the students “Friday we will….”, but it doesn’t happen as much as it use to.

So what exactly do you do in a country with no alcohol and no bacon? I will be the first to tell you that there is plenty do without being under the influence and without eating swine. However, when I leave this place I find that I drink more than I ever have in my life.

Seriously what do people do for fun in Kuwait? I will admit that I am a homebody and on a typical weekend you can find me being the perfect coach potato procrastinating on being an adult. I make empty promises myself that I’ll get to my task later but rarely do I actually get things done. On a productive weekend, I may be grading papers, cleaning or writing. On weekends that I decide to be social, I do shisha (aka hookah) with my friends or going out to eat. On occasion I may find myself at a game night and once every blue moon I invite others to my house. I just starting doing yoga on Friday mornings and it’s the perfect exercise for me. I do not like getting up in the mornings, but I do it for yoga because it makes me feel good.

The biggest mall in Kuwait is the Avenues and it includes Ikea, the Cheesecake Factory and about 5 H&M’s in different parts of the mall. When I first moved here the mall was the only place I thought I could buy essentials because I thought Ikea was the only home store, but then I discovered other places. My personal favorite mall is Marina Mall because of the sparkling view of the Persian Gulf or as they call in Kuwait the Arabian Gulf.

That pretty much wraps up my weekend in Kuwait, but there are other things to do, there’s brunch, the cultural center, house of mirrors, escape zone, other malls, and other fun places for activities I haven’t visited yet. I plan on getting to these places before I leave.


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