Life in Kuwait: Groceries

When adulting you have to buy groceries to live. You can eat out every night, but that gets expensive. I bought groceries many times that went bad just because I didn’t feel like cooking. I also notice that most of my unhealthy food choices came from being extremely hungry and I was extremely because I didn’t prepare my food to go. So I decided that I had to have my food ready to go.

I also had to stop buying things because they were what I should eat instead of what I actually liked. I had a system for when to shop and where to go. I didn’t always prepare my meals in advance, but what I had was working for me. Then I moved to Kuwait.

Shopping in Kuwait is tedious when you are new. Even though most of the food is imported, the grocery store has food that is foreign to me. Even the things that I’m use to are different here. For example, all of the chocolate bars have a different taste. Kit Kats, Snickers, Twix, all have a different taste than what I’m use to. Even Oreos taste different.

There are a variety of grocery stores and co-ops. My go to was a place called Save Co because they have imported items at a really good price. But this is one of the places is that is a hit or miss. A place called LuLu’s and another the Sultan Center has lots of imported things and almost a one-stop shop. The last place is the convenient store called the Bakala. At the Bakala I can buy some produce and I can buy one egg if I want. Most places eggs come in 2 dozen cartons, but I can find 1 dozen, and even half a dozen depending on where I go.

Then, there are foreign brands. I had to go through a trial and error period to find the brands that were right for me. And I’m not just talking about food. When you can find imported items they tend to be more expensive than the local brands. I just had to try new things to find the right brand.

I spent a substantial amount of money on Talabat and Carriage two food delivery services in Kuwait like uber eats. Carriage even delivers groceries or pharmaceuticals. I tried doing groceries once. When it comes to produce there isn’t an option to get the amount you need and is by kilos. So imagine having one kilo of garlic. I had to give it away to get rid of it. Nonetheless, the produce was fresh, which is a plus.

Once I figured out the stores that had what I needed, I was set. It’s hard to find everything you want in one store at the beginning, but once you are stocked up on your essentials, you don’t have to take so many trips. You can find most common foods, chicken, fish, milk, but no bacon of course. You can’t find specific things. Like for instance if you can only get something in Whole Foods or a specialty store in the states, you won’t find it in Kuwait.

Sometimes I can find something that I want one day and the next time it’s gone. Sometimes there is plenty of what I want and sometimes it’s scarce. Other than that shopping is pretty normal.


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