All About my Baecation in Barbados

What a time to be alive with conveniences like Uber when we need a ride or Uber eats when we don’t feel like cooking. In my lifetime there was such thing as letters that you sent in the mail. I actually had a penpal back in those times. I mean it was my cousin, but still, we sent actual letters through the actual mail. It is amazing that writing letters were a thing that existed now that we have email. There is also What’s App. Before What’s App, I ran up my mom’s phone bill trying to stay in contact with this guy I met in Jamaica. This is when people used calling cards. You went to the store and bought cards with minutes when those minutes ran out the call would drop. My little desperate teenage self decided to use the regular phone line when I ran out of minutes and got myself into trouble. Anyway now there is What’s App, Hallelujah and this is how I maintain my long-distance relationship.

Pause. Long Distance. Relationship. How do both of these even exist together? Relationships without distance are hard enough. I am not going to paint a pretty picture and say it’s easy peezy lemon squeezy, but What’s App is our main source of communication. So how does one acquire a human being in a relationship with long distances? Online perhaps? ACTUALLY, Our story began at this recreational place with great music called Old Jamming. Yes, a club. I was in Barbados on vacation living my best life and we danced, we talked, we exchanged numbers. That is how it started. I was not in Barbados looking for love. I was opened, but I wasn’t looking. Seriously. I didn’t wake up that day and say “What is a long distance relationship for $500?”. As Kanye raps in Kerri Hilson’s song Love Knocks You Down “ It just happened”.


After me and my current boyfriend, but then random guy I met a club exchanged numbers, we went on a date and the rest is history. That night I was feeling myself and we had a brief conversation asking each other basic questions, “how old are you? where are you from?”, the normal stuff. What I didn’t realize at the time is that we would connect on a much deeper level as time went by. After our first date, I eventually went back home. By the way, this was right before I came to Kuwait. And to think that I almost considered not going. In this work hard, sleep when you die society, sometimes doing things for fun can lead to opportunities. So how do we maintain with literal bodies of water between us? Communication, trust, and visiting when I have a break from work. Hence the baecation in Barbados.



As I said here, it was a long journey. Also, the last time I saw him was on my winter break, which I wrote about here. When I arrived at the airport in Barbados I was relieved because I just spent around 36 hours trying to get there. I was really excited to see him and surprise that customs and getting my bags was quick As a walked to the outside of the airport I was struck by a cool morning breeze and then I saw him. Neither one of us are one to cause a scene, but we embraced for sure. After spending quality time, I basically slept the day away. Pretty much the whole trip I was jet-lagged and he was sick. Nonetheless, it was still amazing.


I spent five days basically across the street from the beach and only went once. The water was cold, but my body adjusted to the temperature. We went to our favorite restaurants Sand Dollar Cafe for the pasta and Cafe Soul for the wings. I practiced yoga on the beach which was nice to hear the ocean during class. We went to see “Us” and for me it was creepy, but that’s why I wanted to see it with my boyfriend. We cuddled and didn’t cuddle and cuddled again. We spent as much time together as we could. It was a short trip and while I may never do it again it was well worth it.



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