Life in Kuwait: Getting Around


I bought my first car from the money I saved when I was 24 years old. I had a 1999 honda civic and I still love it. I didn’t realize how much I struggled until I bought that car. One thing I miss about being in the states is the convenience of driving. I could drive in Kuwait if I wanted to, but the question is do I want to drive in Kuwait?

The answer is no. Why? You might ask since I miss driving in all? The answer to your question is very simple, people drive crazy here. They make road rage in the states look like child’s play. People are so aggressive that even as a passenger I get stressed out. There are so many times when I almost got in an accident. I have actually been in two accidents.

The first accident was when I was on the bus and a car sideswiped us and kept going. It left a scrape on the bus. The bus driver tried to stop the person that hit us, but they just kept on driving. The second accident was in a taxi, he bumped the car in front of him because he wasn’t paying attention.  Luckily for all of us, no one got hurt and no cars were damaged. The worse accident I saw was on the high way. There was a bumper on the road and in the 3rd lane there was a car that was smashed all the way in, you could only see half the car. I saw a woman holding a small boy who was screaming and trying to get away from the woman. This was in passing so I do not know what actually happened or became of the boy, but it was horrific.

Basically, I don’t drive in Kuwait because driving is too aggressive. The way I get around is by way of taxi or bus. There is a bus that takes me to and from school for work. Any other time I use a taxi. It doesn’t cost much to get around. Gas is pretty cheap here in comparison to the states. The most I paid for a taxi was $4 KD for going 14 miles or 30 minutes which is equal to about $13 USD. In the states, I pay a little more than double that for that distance. I also have a taxi guy. I send him a text of the time I want to get picked up and where I want to go and either he comes or he sends one of his friends to come. I like doing this because he has set rates and I don’t have to worry about haggling a price. There are drivers who just use the meter and I don’t like this either because sometimes they purposely go the long way so I can pay extra.

Another way I get around is by simply walking. There are plenty of stores within walking distance, it really just depends on my mood and the weather. I used the city bus one time to get from the airport to home and it was cheaper because of the all airport taxi’s charge 8KD. This is the only time where I am willing to pay that much. I don’t even pay that much to get to the airport. I think it’s ridiculous, but I’m trying to get home and I can not haggle with them. Those rates are set as well.

When I go back home I am always ready to drive. While I like being driven around I still miss being able to get up in my own car.  I appreciate the privilege I have to be able to drive.

Are you a driver or a passenger? Which one do you like more? 


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