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A few weeks ago I started a series titled Life in Kuwait where I talk about different aspects of living in Kuwait. Living here has really opened my eyes to Kuwaiti culture and has really challenged my perspective. I will still share stories about my life in Kuwait, but soon I will be returning to the other side of the world for summer break. That’s just the perks of being a teacher, not bragging, but I am happy. Because of this, I will have a new topic I will write about titled Life Hacks. Aside from my summer excursions, I will share insights I gain that helped me grow.

“What in the world can a procrastinator like me give life tips on.” This is a thought that swims around my mind from time to time. “What do I possibly have to say to help people?” or “What am I expert in?” The answer I usually come up with is nothing. The truth is I am really hard on myself so much so that I feel like I have nothing to offer. For this reason, I am a good person to give advice. I have a harsh inner critic and I have learned not to allow it to control me. And let me tell you that fight with my inner critic was not easy!

Here’s the thing, no one can act without thinking about the action first. Our actions, also known as behaviors come from what we believe and our core values. Our thoughts are rooted in our core values. One constant thought I had that caused me grief was that I had to be perfect to start. This came in the form of me wanting to wait to start a blog because I felt like my work was not good enough. It came in the form of me not claiming I’m a photographer because I have a lot to learn. It even came in the form of me not going to the gym because I wasn’t good at a few exercises. The in’s and out’s of how I overcame this will be another post for another day, but it boiled down to me just starting.

I was aware that the problem stemmed from my need to please others and I had to let go of the belief that pleasing others will make me feel good. Let’s face it getting people’s approval feels good, but it is not consistent and it takes lots of effort.  With self-awareness, I can understand how trying to please others was a belief that didn’t line up with who I wanted to be. After that, I took the necessary steps to move past it.

Self-awareness is recognizing an action that is not aligned with your beliefs. Once you are aware of the action you can challenge the belief. You can decide if you want to keep the belief or decide that if it no longer serves you. Once you change what you believe you change your actions. Of course, this process takes a lot longer to actually do it than it does to read. Self-awareness is key when you have bad habits that you have struggled with for most of your life. It is what helps you take the next step whether that is seeking professional help or finding positive affirmations that speak to you. Self-awareness is just taking a mental inventory because what you think controls so much of who you are. Why not be aware of those things? Why not let go of those ideas that no longer serve you? Self-awareness is definitely a step in the right direction and then you can decide the necessary further steps you need to take.

Life hack # 1 Become aware of your core beliefs and if they are lined up with the person you want to be.

How have you benefited from self-awareness?



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