5 Mistakes I Made While in Rome

I did not enjoy my trip to Rome. I know it’s an ancient city and has a lot to offer, but my trip just wasn’t the best. I have enough self-awareness to understand it wasn’t the city itself and it is all on me, but that doesn’t change the fact that I just wasn’t happy. So I am going to list the things I would have done differently that would have made my trip better.

1. Plan for Enough Time

When traveling from Kuwait to North America, I always have long layovers in random places. I wanted to try something new and make my own layover. I chose Rome because the ticket was cheaper than in other places. So I booked a one way 5-hour flight from Kuwait to Rome that cost me about $300. My final destination was Barbados, but as I said I wanted to create my own layover stops. Now I am going to contradict myself a little because I was there for a day and a half and I was content with it. By the time school was out I really just wanted to rest and get to Barbados with my boyfriend. I figured a day and a half would allow me to see the highlights in the city. Since I had so little time I planned for a few tours during that time. This was a mistake. Even though I didn’t want to stay there long, I recommend planning a longer trip than I did.

2. Get Plenty of Rest

The night before my trip I went out with some friends and ended up staying up all night until it was time for my flight. Yes I got to sleep on the plane and I slept the whole flight, but I don’t consider plane sleep real sleep. I consider plane sleep a rest because you don’t get to really get comfortable. As I have stated I had a full day and a half ahead of me so I should have gotten more sleep. I didn’t know I was going to be out so late with my friends, but I should have at least giving myself a few hours.

3. Plan Alternate Routes

My first tour was a bike tour. I found the location easily. I looked up the bus/metro route beforehand and followed the directions. I took screenshots of the directions because I didn’t have a data connection. The next day didn’t work out so well. I planned my route just like I did the day before. The problem is I didn’t get on the right bus when it was there. I thought the right bus was the wrong bus. My alternative plan was to take an uber if the bus didn’t come. After waiting for about 35 minutes I decided to take an Uber. I had to go back to the hotel but ran into another problem. There were not any drivers in my area.



So I went back to the bus stop. At this point, I should have replanned my trip then, but I was panicked because I wanted to make it to my tour on time. I just tried for the next bus. An hour later I eventually found my way to the location and still got lost because the location had an address that wasn’t really an address. The location didn’t specify that I had to meet on the stairs so I spent 30 minutes circling around asking locals where to go and they were clueless too. This is why you should have back up plans. And back up back up plans.

4. Print our your tickets

The good thing is I was allowed to do the tour at the later time even though it way after my scheduled time. The bad thing was it took time away from getting to the next tour. I planned to have three hours between the tours to give me time to find the location and have lunch. I knew how to get there and got to the area without a hitch. Again I was already exhausted from the first tour and I didn’t get to eat. I ran into the same problem as the last time. I couldn’t find the meeting spot and no one could help me because they didn’t know which tour I was with. I got to the location right on time, but because I didn’t have my tickets printed I didn’t know where to go.


Printing or redeeming my tickets to my phone would have cut back on the problems. I know it seems obvious, but I never had a problem before. Actually, I have had problems when I redeem too early. This is why I wait until I get to the location to redeem, but I think it is better to redeem and print to be ready. I never did the second tour because it was four hours long and I was tired and hungry. So I went to a restaurant, drank wine and ate pizza.

5. Day Tour at the Vatican

I saw the highlights at the Vatican and it was plenty of time for me, but there is so much more to see. It is one of the biggest museums in the world and to see it all my tour guide said it could take a month. Go early to avoid the crowd. I saw a few reviews of my tour saying that it was not enough time, but as I stated I was exhausted so the tour was perfect timing for me.

These are the things that would have made my trip a little more pleasant. I didn’t hate Rome because of the city itself but because of things I could have controlled. You can never have full control over a circumstance and anything could happen so it is best to be prepared.

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