My Quick Trip to Toronto

I like to take pictures. It brings me joy to take snaps of my family and friends. I enjoy taking pictures of things I find interesting and places I have been to. But when it comes to me being in front of the camera, I feel really shy. Seriously, how am I suppose to pose? I feel super awkward when photos are being taken of me. That’s why I do photoshoots with other photographers to relieve my anxiety. It’s just a picture that if not deleted will forever show how shy and awkward I am, no big deal right?

Anyway, after my short trip to Rome, I had to take my flight to Barbados but had a long layover in Toronto. I wanted to do a night tour in Toronto, but all the night tours started before I got there. So I decided to do a night photo shoot. See two birds, one stone. I was able to do a quick tour of the city while also getting my pictures taken. I wrote about how I ended up not doing one of my tours in Rome here because of a few mishaps. I almost missed out on this tour as well. Lucky for me the photographer was flexible and had a later time available.

Leaving the airport in Toronto took way longer than I expected. I figured since the hotel was less than 10 minutes away from the airport I would have plenty of time to get ready and get food, at least 2 hours. From Rome, I had to connect to Montreal. From Montreal, I went to Toronto. This flight was delayed about 30 minutes because it was windy in Toronto. 30 minutes is not that bad, but it took a while for the shuttle bus to pick me up to take me to the hotel. The 2 hours I thought I had was cut short to 30 minutes. I rushed, ironed clothes, took a shower, and raced out of the hotel. I actually made it on time.


I wore a thin blazer, black pants, and tennis shoes. Thank God I decided to wear tennis shoes. I knew I was in Canada, but I also thought it’s summertime – surely the weather is going to be fine. I was so wrong. It was a little nippy out for summertime. I heard that earlier that day it was actually hot and not just hot for Canada, but that was from a Canadian so I’m not sure I could take their word for it. Regardless, I had fun on the photoshoot. I learned some tips about taking photos and being in front of the camera. I think the key is to not think so hard about it.

How do you get comfortable in front of the camera? Tell me in the comments.

Bruno was my photographer and you can book with him if you are in Toronto through Airbnb experiences. The name of it is “Toronto Downtown Photography Tour”. Here is his Instagram. All the photos on this post were taken by him. I also did a similar tour to last summer in Los Angeles which I also found on Airbnb experiences. I wrote about that one here.


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