Unexpected​ Love

2017 was the summer of all summers for me. I went to Barbados for the first time and came back like feeling like Stella in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. I stayed in a hotel apartment with a patio overlooking the beach. I sat out there a few times and listened to the sound of the crashing waves. I felt I was in a dream. How did I here again? Another thing that was nice about where we stayed was that we were across the street from a lot of the night clubs.

Being on vacation puts me in freedom mode. I spend money like it grows on trees. I smile more and sing good morning. I live as if responsibility is a foreign concept (within reason of course). Most of the time I’m in my head, thinking. Being a tourist gives me the luxury of not worrying about what people think. I also have help from my friend known as liquid courage. That night was magical because I took a sip of a powerful potion that gave me a new personality.

We had a routine, get ready to go out, drink, take thousands of pictures. Drink some more or take a smoke break and then finally go out. My cousin, Danielle didn’t drink or smoke so on this particular night after our pictures she became frustrated because she was ready to dance. She fled out the house by herself. I don’t smoke but waited patiently because I didn’t want to be by myself in a foreign country. I was actually scared when she left without warning.

I ran after her and by the time I found her the drank was taking me to cares given level 0. Happiness was all around me. We ended up going to a nightclub called Old Jammin and stayed there the whole night.  My cares were lifted off my shoulders. All my self-conscious thoughts melted away. I was the star in my own movie.

I was not looking for a relationship… It just happened.

Some guys were kind enough to ask for a dance and some forced themselves on me. I only danced with the polite ones because it’s weird to just start grinding on someone that you don’t know. There was one guy who insisted on talking to Danielle even though she didn’t want to dance. After some time we took a break and the vultures flew around us like we were carcasses.

There were these two guys that introduced themselves to us. They were taking their shot, but was interrupted by the guy that was talking to Danielle and his friend. I actually danced with his friend and didn’t realize they were friends. The friend was handsome and had a cool demeanor. He had on a black shirt and cap that said Castaways. He explained that he just got off work and that his job was close. He asked me if I had WhatsApp, which I didn’t, but downloaded it later that night. We exchanged numbers and that was that.

Me and Danielle went back in to dance and at this point, everything was dying down. I was slowly coming down and people started to leave the club. I ended up texting the castaways guy when I got home. We had a casual conversation, feeling each other out. I wasn’t expecting much but someone to talk to for the remainder of my time in Barbados.  If you told me at that time that castaways guy would end up being my boyfriend I would have thought it was a good joke. I was not looking for a relationship, especially since I was moving so far away and especially since he lived in Barbados. It just happened.




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