How You Doing?

I just want to write a post about where I am mentally. I missed a week of blogging and I haven’t been posting on my normal days. I also up and changed the name of my blog without explanation, so I will explain that here.

First, I want to start by saying that I don’t like to write things like “sorry I haven’t been here in a while I’ve been…” because I don’t care when vloggers on Youtube say it and get into a rant about their mundane actives. I clicked on the video because I want to know how to do make up for beginners. We all have a life random youtuber I I ti watch to get info, get to the point. I refrain from doing that. I try to stick to the topic. However, I am kind of doing that in this post. I am only human. ok.

As some of you know I am enjoying my summer Break in Barbados. I wrote earlier about all these plans I had to do things, but I haven’t done half of the things on my to-do list. You don’t realize I only have 6 weeks left before work starts again. I have time to complete my task, I just didn’t think time would go by so fast. Especially now that I am more than halfway through my break. I am totally and absolutely freaking out. Summer was supposed to be longer than this. What is happening to Summer? Can I get an extension on this?

In other news, I have been in this weird space where I don’t feel like writing. It’s not that I have writer’s block, it’s just that my mind is telling me to be on full vacation mode and do nothing, but binge-watch series. I do not feel bad about this. Actually, I was questioning if I even like writing these days. I also started a new instagram page and I find it difficult to write captions for every post. It takes me a while to think of what to write. So maybe I have Instagram writer’s block, but I do not have blogging writer’s block. (It be like that sometime). Eventually, I will get the hang of these things.

I will also get to the point where I have self-discipline and I will write for 30 minutes a day. A person that doesn’t like to write might read that and think it sounds like a bit much, but for me, it is easily achievable. “So why haven’t I done it yet” might be your next question. I am not going to lie and say life gets in the way because it doesn’t. I get in the way. My own self. My own brain. Honestly, it comes down to me not feeling motivated, so I don’t act. Writing a post today for IG helped me write this post. In my mind I know discipline is the answer but now I have the experience. Now, lovely reader, I am more likely to follow through with my new habit. Besides it’s only 30 minutes most of us spend more time on social media than that.

The other thing is I changed the name of my blog out of the blue and a few of you might be wonder why. Maybe nobody is wondering, but I want to tell you anyway. I wasn’t feeling the old title “Not Another Adulting Blog” anymore and wanted something new. It is as simple as that. Well, I also wanted to be more “nichey”. Adulting is a good topic but it wasn’t the niche for me. A few years ago I started a blog with my name because I was talking about my life. Insightful Introvert Tales is the grown up Jahmella Simmons Blog. I have more experience, I have learned a few things, and I have changed since then. I have evolved and so shall my blog. All in all it’s still adulting, it’s just introvert adulting.

All that to say I’m doing fine, thanks for asking! Comment how you are feeling these days, I would really like to know.

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