Road Trip around Barbados

When I think of a road trip, I don’t think of traveling around an Island. A road trip to me is going to a different state or country. Or so I thought. Last week I went on a road trip through Barbados and saw some of the most beautiful views Barbados has to offer. Even though I was still in the same country, we traveled through several parishes with very different landforms. At first, I didn’t know what to expect and thought we were going to a museum or tour a cave. What we actually did was way more exciting than just taking a tour of a popular tourist attraction.

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I went with Trevis (my boyfriend) and his family. It was a trip hosted by his nephew’s school as an end of the year family day. Driving around the Island was exciting because I got to see the different parts of the Island without paying a fortune for a taxi. The other option besides a taxi would be to take the bus, but in some areas, the bus schedule is unpredictable, if a bus comes at all. The tour was a perfect way to see Barbados in a way I haven’t seen it before.

Our trip started at Christ Church. There were a huge charter bus and a smaller van. Both were full of people and loads of food and drinks for the day ahead. As we drove through each parish our tour guide (one of the teachers at the school) pointed out some major landmarks. The first major location we passed through was Oistins which is apart of Christ Church. On Friday’s there is a big fish fry and different vendors sell fried or grilled fish to tons of people. There is also music and a huge stage that is free for all who want to show off there dancing (or non-dancing) skills.

Some of the landmarks that I remember were the George Washington House and several different factories. We also rode through Bridgetown which is the capital of Barbados. At this point, it hit me that when people talk about going to town it is similar to when people talk about going to uptown or to the city in the states. Most places in the states have major cities that people frequent to shop and eat. ‘Town’ short for Bridgetown is just like that. People mainly go to town to shop and hang out. One of the main landmarks in Town is hero square home to the statue of Lord Horatio Nelson, a war hero.


We continued to travel north and at which point we passed through two parishes, Christ Church and St. Micheal, where Bridgetown is located. Another thing that confused me is where Bridgetown was actually located. The airport code is BGI for Bridgetown and at first, I thought the airport was in the capital. It finally clicked that most airport codes come from the major city or capital of the place. So the airport is not actually in Bridgetown but is named so because it is the capital.

As we traveled north we reached St. James and the scenery started to change drastically. As we passed through St. James I started to see more greenery, fancier homes, and huge hotels that have yatchways instead of driveways. We passed by the mall with the typical high-end stores. Then, we reached Speightstown in St. Peter. I have been to Speightstown when me and my cousin were looking for her family. I wrote about that trip here. It has restaurants and shops like Bridgetown, but this day was busier than when I first went. Regardless, it was not as busy as Bridgetown on a Saturday.

We finally reached the tippy top of the Island, St. Lucy, the most northerly point in Barbados. We stopped at the animal cave and this is where we saw one of the best views in Barbados. It is a huge cliff right off the shoreline, a place where I can sit and watch the waves crash against the rock for hours. However, we didn’t have hours only a few minutes and we were back on the road to our next location. Since we were far north the only direction to travel from here was south. We headed south and passed by the only operational windmill in St. Andrew. I tried to get a picture, but I could only get a piece of it.

Also of note, this part of Barbados has lots of farms and a vast amount of land. Our next stop was another beautiful view of Barbados. Huge mountains spread over the land, with the perfect view of the shore. Our last and final stop was on the east coast at Barclove’s park where we stopped and picnicked. We had a nice view of a beach, but because of the strong winds and undercurrents, it is not safe to swim. The last person that tried met a tragic fate. After the picnic, we headed south through St. John and St. Phillip and ended up back in Christ Church.


I thoroughly enjoyed my tour of Barbados. Even though Barbados is a small Island, it still took us five hours to drive through, including a few short pit stops. Also, we only went through 9 of the 11 parishes. We didn’t go through the two inland parishes, St. George and St. Thomas. As we traveled it seemed that we drove on the same straight path the whole way around. Of course, we made a few turns here and there, but it felt like one long road. Also, for most of the trip, you can catch glimpses of the shore the unique part of being on an Island. I learned that a road trip is about exploring places you have never seen before and not just about going to a different place altogether. If you have a car an Island tour is a must.

Have you ever took a road trip? What was it like?


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