My Tour of Foursquare Distillery

I went on a tour of a popular rum distillery in Barbados called Foursquare. Put your hands in the air if you like rum because I know I do. This tour was so unplanned and so random, but worth talking about. I not only go to see where Trevis (my boyfriend) works I also learned how rum was made.

Yesterday was a bank holiday so Trevis was going to be off. We planned to run some errands to prepare for Foreday Morning but then there was an emergency at his job. He happened to be ready to go and was just getting some breakfast. A few minutes later he gets a call saying he can bring me along. I enjoy taking tours of places I never been so I decided to go. I rushed to get ready and managed to look halfway decent. At the very least I like to put on lipstick and mascara, but I couldn’t find anything. On top of getting ready for Foreday Morning, I am also about to go to the Netherlands in a few days, so my things are unorganized. Anyway, I had to settle for lipgloss and call it a day. Trevis was caring enough to make me a tuna sandwich, which I ate on the go.

I didn’t know what to expect when I got there, but I looked forward to it. On a side note shout out to Trevis’s family by the way which is filled with entrepreneurs. We stop by his uncle’s who Trevis works for, who owns his plumbing company while at the same time grows to produce and sells it to mini markets. After we stop at his uncle’s we head to the distillery. When we first got there I didn’t know where to go so I just followed Trevis. Apparently, there was a pipe that was malfunctioning or something like that. Anyway, I joined a tour of about five people including the tour guide. It was a bank holiday so technically I think the distillery was closed. Afterward, I asked the tour guide how many tours does he do in a day and he said it could be up to 30.


So here is what I learned about the making of rum. First, rum is made with sugar cane products, whether it’s molasses or sugar cane juice. Foursquare using a pot still in rum production, similar to how you would make a stew or soup. You combine all the ingredients and let it simmer and put a lid on the pot. The condense liquid, like the condensation from the lid of a pot, is the liquid used to make rum. The distill is put into barrels from 1 to 10 years, sometimes 12, to age. This gives it is color and flavor. Here is an article from Difford’s Guide that gives more specific information about how rum is made – Rum- How is it Made?.

After the tour, it was time for a rum tasting, which was my favorite part. We tried several different kinds of rum. The samples varied from spiced rum to 12-year-old rum, to a mix of different years aged rum. I found that all but one were not as strong as Mount Gay Rum, which is another distillery based in Barbados. Even the stronger one didn’t have as bold a flavor as Mount Gay. My preference is the mild taste because it goes down easier with or without a chaser. Also, Foursquare just tastes better.

Lastly, I tried Falernum and a mix with bitters. Falernum is a very sweet type of rum that made me think of a sugary syrup. It has a alcohol content of about 11% and the bartender said can be mixed with pretty much anything. I tried Falernum by itself and then Falernum with Old Brigand and bitters. it was a very nice cocktail drink. however, My personal favorite was Foursquare Spiced rum, it was delicious and definitely will be my go-to if available.

Do you like rum? Tell me in the comments your drink of choice.

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