Top 4 Reasons Foreday Morning is better than Cropover

Cropover or Grand Kadooment is a big celebration that takes place on the first Monday of August in Barbados. Most Carribean Islands have similar celebrations. Locals and tourists get dressed in extravagant costumes to celebrate. It starts at sun up and ends when the sun goes down. People walk down a certain path with their chosen band while drinking, dancing, and listening to music. It is pretty epic. There is another celebration called Foreday Morning which takes place on the first Friday of August. Foreday Morning doesn’t get the recognition it deserves so I’m going to explain why I like Foreday better than Grand Kadooment.

1. It’s cheaper

The costumes aren’t as fancy as Cropover, but you don’t pay for the quality of clothes. You pay to get unlimited drinks with your chosen band and breakfast at the end. Just like Grand Kadooment you choose a band that you want to “jump” with. Every band has a different costume so you chose a band that has the costumes that you want. You pay for the costume and that gives you access to the other benefits. Foreday and Cropover are similar for this reason. While Cropover costumes are better than Foreday, you can get the same experience for a cheaper price.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures from Foreday so here is a quick video to give you an idea of what it is like.

2. It’s shorter

Cropover starts as early as 6am and ends at 6pm. Foreday Morning is from 12:00am to 8:00am. When someone says they “jumped” that means they were with a band march down the road with a particular band. People also stand on the sidelines in both events. The people that do not jump dance and even may catch a quick dance with someone that is with a band, but they do not have access to the drinks, food, or anything else the band provides. During Foreday you jump at night while Grand Kadooment is a whole day event.


3. It’s less crowded

Foreday Morning brings in a nice crowd, but Cropover has people from all over the world coming in. I actually didn’t experience the Grand Kadooment crowd because I went later in the day when it was cooler. I don’t like to be in the heat unnecessarily because it makes me cranky. I stood on the sidelines at Grand Kadooment later in the day and didn’t have to worry about the huge crowd. So Foreday Morning was perfect for me. There were still plenty of people there, but the streets were not flooded. I do not like crowds especially when I don’t have personal space.

4. It’s cooler outside

My top reason for preferring Foreday over Cropover is the fact that the sun is down so it’s not hot. As I have mentioned I do not like lingering in the heat. I’m sure there are ways to stay cool during Cropover, but I still prefer the night because you don’t have to try to get cool.


I’m not trying to speak negatively about Grand Kadooment because I’m still interested in doing it. Even though I enjoyed myself on Foreday we still walked for 8 hours straight with no breaks. My legs felt like they were going to shatter and I slept like a baby that morning. I had more fun than expected and I’m glad I chose to go. These are just my top reasons why I liked Foreday. I never did Cropover,  but I can only imagine based on my experience with Foreday.

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