To My Younger Self

Here is a recap of what I wrote, ways I lied to myself in The Stories We Live By, that time I got fired in You’re Fired, when I produced a short film in 48 Hour Film Festival Disaster, and How I Became a Teacher when it wasn’t my first option. I really like to think about my decisions and ways I can improve as a person. Especially when a situation has me shook. This post is a letter to my younger self. If I could go back in time and let my past self see my now self, here are the things I would tell me.

Do It Now!

I know you know you don’t “feel like it” but make the most of your time by getting 2-3 important things done in a day. You think you have time, but you really don’t. Having time is an illusion. Break your main goals into smaller more manageable goals. Set a reasonable time frame. I know you want to do it all, but you have to be realistic. Don’t set your timelines based on how others set their timelines, you have to do what works for you and you must remember to incorporate meals, breaks, and unexpected things to pop up. Also, plan for extra time when making your schedule.

Network, write, film, take pictures, do it all. You don’t have to wait to become perfect to do the things you love. Most of your learning will happen by doing anyway. Do not get so caught up in the how and when that you don’t do. Planning is a good thing, but becomes negative when you spend all of your time planning. Think about it like this, if you want to be able to run a 5k and you have never done it before, you can plan how you will build up to it. You can make a schedule and brainstorm things that will help you become successful. You can buy new running shoes and find good places to run. All of these things are good, but if you never get out there and run then it was all for nothing. The biggest issue is that you are to focused on the how to, when you should be focused on the doing. Do that thing you want to do now!


I know you think procrastination is your big issue, but the big issue is you are trying to do too much. Yes, you can try to do it all, but know that you can not get it all done in a day. I know you have so much you want to accomplish, but you can not be successful if your mind is not in the right space. Also, I know you want to do all the things, but that is not possible. You have to take some time for yourself even if it is only 10 minutes. It is ok to take a moment to breathe. These are some activities that can make you feel good and less anxious yoga, exercise, making a to-do list, writing, music, and coffee (eventually). At the same time, life happens and sometimes you have to put things off. Here is a list of times it is ok to procrastinate:

It is ok to procrastinate when you are burnt out.
It is ok to procrastinate when you have a list of accomplishments for the day.
It is ok to procrastinate when your feeling anxious and have to calm yourself down.

Those are some key points that will help. You will not always hit your mark every day because every day is different. You are human and you are living in a world that doesn’t revolve around your to-do list. As long as you are doing the best you can you are doing great. The best you can do is not going to look the same every day.

Choose You

Choosing yourself is not selfish. Choosing yourself is recognizing what is important to you and then sticking to it. People will advise you to do all kinds of things, but in the end you have to live with the decisions you make. Understand the difference between healthy advice and fearful advice. Some people will advise you based on what is best for them and what they fear, instead of what is best for you. Listen to your heart and your mind. If you find yourself in a bad situation – it is ok. Relax, regroup, and reflect (Relax, relate, release). Relax and get your min in order. Regroup and find out how far you are from where you want to be. Reflect on what went wrong and simply get back on the right track. You have tricked yourself into believing that once you get off track there is no way back. You also believe that starting over from the beginning is the worse place to be. I can name a list of worse case scenario’s and starting over is not one of them. It is ok to get off track and have to start over. As long as you are valuing yourself you will be ok.

Everything is Everything

Everything is everything

What is meant to be will be

After winter, must come spring

Change it come eventually

In Lauryn Hill’s song Everything is Everything she sings about acceptance. There are a lot of things you are incapable of changing, but you can change yourself for the better. You can not control people or situations, but you can control your attitude. That is all you can focus on. Also, you are going to go through challenging situations in your life that are going make you question everything you know. What you will realize is that you don’t know much and have a lot to learn. You will never reach a point where you know it all and life is a continuous learning process, so you don’t have to be afraid of failing. I know you want to meet deadlines and you have goals, but, you are not capable of doing all you want to accomplish in a short time. Take your time. You will reach your checkpoints as long as you are striving for it. Take life day by day. You are an amazing young woman, remember that. Keep striving for the best.

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