Adventures in Luxembourg

I had the pleasure of visiting Luxembourg for professional development (PD). Luxembourg is one of the top ten richest countries in the world and is slept on. I think it’s a country worth visiting especially if you are doing a Euro trip. I had a day to myself before I had to attend the PD and because it is so close to France I was debating between a day trip to Paris or just tour Luxembourg. Honestly, Paris has been one of the top places I have wanted to visit, but I decided to do something different. I read an article about how tourism is bad for the environment.  I have also had a few conversations with well-traveled people who go off the beaten path and explore a place. This lead me to my decision to do something new.

In my short trip to Luxembourg I unexpectedly realized how arrogant I am (without meaning to be) as an English speaker. I am going to go into depth about this along with some other insights next Wednesday. I will also do my best to create a video of this beautiful country. Until then, here are photos are from my visit to Boursheid Castle. I went on a Friday afternoon and I was the only one there. It was nice to not have to push through a crowd and be able to take self-portraits. It took a hike to get there and I thought I was going to either murdered or abducted because I briefly passed through the woods, because I was walking all alone and in movies that is usually how people are murdered or abducted. However, I lived to see another day. Thank God!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures. Leave a comment below because I need friends and I am interested in knowing if you ever been to a new unexpected place.


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