World War 3…Really?

…And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars…

Matthew 24:6

The day that General Qasem Soleimani was killed I was at Qatar airport on my way back to Kuwait. Like much of the news I get I found out through Facebook. I know as an adult I should have my own resources outside of social media so I can be informed about the world, especially when it can affect me, but I get caught up in daily activities. When I was in college I chose journalism as my major. I even had a mentor who was a staff writer for the Washington Post back when people still read newspapers. I took my introduction to journalism and said nope. A big NOPE. They wanted me to read the newspaper every day and we were going to be quizzed every class. That’s why weed out classes exist, but maybe I should have sucked it up. I’ll explore that more on another post. 2020 is my year of growth and I plan on doing better, starting with reading/watching the news.

Ever since the Iranian general was shot the only scripture that has been running through my mind is “you will hear of wars and rumors of wars…”. Tensions were high this week and a lot of us here got our go-bags ready. The US embassy issued out an alert basically telling us to keep a low profile, keep our important documents with us, and stay away from tourist areas. That was only on day 3 of the year 2020. January is not even finished and there is already a lot going on in the world. The rumor of world war 3 Australia is on fire. The mysterious plane crash in Iran. Just to name a few things.


In light of the current situation, I am on high alert. I am not scared of anything happening and honestly I still feel safe. I do not know what will happen and I can’t control circumstances. Times like these no matter where you are something can happen. Church or school in the states are not even safe anymore because there is a possibility of a mass shooting. So I do not think I need to pack my bags and go back home. This is what I mean by I feel safe. I have my go-bag ready, I’m carrying my passport with me at all times. Those are the small changes I have made. This is all I can do, live normally, and pray for the safety of myself and those around me.

It disturbed me that there were articles about New Yorkers being scared because of the general being killed. What about the Americans who are next door to all the drama? Shouldn’t we be more afraid? Hypothetically if Trump declared war then the expats in Iraq and Kuwait (more so Iraq), would be affected more than New Yorkers. I am not saying that their fears are uncalled for because 9/11 made that possible. However, even though I am not in Iran, it is basically Kuwait’s neighbor. Technically our neighbor is Iraq, but there is a small mass of land between Kuwait and Iraq. So many more would be effected on this side of the world than New Yorkers. But in true American fashion, we are only concerned with the affairs of our own country. Hence the reason you can have a 30-year-old admitting that she doesn’t keep track of news.

My cousin use to always say “peace in the middle east” in a silly when we were younger and I thought she was being her normal funny self. I had no idea at that time that it was no joke and the Middle East does, in fact, need peace. I also had no idea I would live and work here. While there is may conflict going on here there is also so much propaganda around Muslims being terrorists. I can only speak from my experience being in Kuwait and Kuwaiti’s are living normal lives and are not trying to start any beef with anyone. They just want their kids to get the best education to become successful adults. Doesn’t that sound familiar. Kuwaiti’s are not terrorist. However, the media will have you fearing anyone who is Muslim (from the middle east) is a terrorist. You can quickly question that logic if you are black and take a deeper look at the portrayal of black people in the media. It is not the same level as calling someone a terrorist. The point is that the stereotypes are not true. The point of me writing about my life in Kuwait is so that you can see that I live a fairly normal life here. One thing I regret is not becoming acquainted with a Kuwaiti, but I still have time. Living in a different culture has taught me that traveling to different places means nothing if I haven’t experienced the culture. I have learned a lot from living here and my goal is to be transparent about what it’s like. If you have any questions about my life in Kuwait I would be happy to answer. Comment below what you would like to know.

What’s to come in 2020


Happy New Year (by the way)! I hope you enjoyed time with your family and friends for the holidays and I wish you the best this year! I don’t know what the future holds, but here is what you can expect from me this year.

  • A blog post every Wednesday
  • Monday Motivation (IG)
  • Life in Kuwait
  • Travel experiences
  • Life in Barbados
  • Vlog on Youtube

I really try to post every Wednesday, but this week threw me off. Since everything that went down I put outside my original post and decided to post this instead. Subscribe to my blog to receive updates and join my community. And yes I am going to start a Youtube channel very soon.

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