5 Reasons Tyler Perry is Trolling Us

Just in case you don’t know Tyler Perry just released his new movie A Fall from Grace on Netflix a couple of days ago. I knew from the previews that I didn’t want to see, but I watched it anyway. At this point I know I can not expect a good movie from Tyler Perry productions. I actually thought Acrimony would be good because it starred Taraji P. Hensen, but I was wrong about that. I thought Nobody’s Fool would be decent because of the story, I was wrong about that one too. So I watched the trailer for A Fall from Grace and I knew I wasn’t going to like it, but I assumed it wouldn’t be that bad. I was wrong again, it was still that bad. I am easily entertained and usually like any movie or short film with a plot. Movies I consider my favorite, that’s another story. I respect Tyler Perry’s hustle. I respect that he started from the bottom and built up. I am proud of the fact that he opened his own studio in Atlanta. None of this speaks to the quality of his productions. He has been creating bad movies for years now and these are my top 5 reasons I believe he is trolling us.

1. He uses the worst wigs

Now I’m not a wig expert, but I know a bad wig when I see one. I don’t think he knows that the point of a wig is to look natural. I could not get past Shannon’s wig played by the actor Mehcad Brooks. His character was supposed to be charismatic, but manipulative. However, I was more upset that they tried to manipulate my eyes with his lousy wig. A simple google search lead me to discover a bald Mehcad Brooks. I also discovered that he is 39, so him having to go bald because of nature is believable. Honestly, I do not know. What I do know that this bald attractive man quickly became a dusty cornball the minute they put a wig on him and all those rings on his fingers. The movie would have been 10% better without the wigs the characters had on. Tyler Perry chooses the worse wigs because he knows we are going to talk about it.

2. Same ol’ Same ol’

If you’ve seen one Tyler Perry film you pretty much seem them all. It is the same story. Black woman is broken down by a man. A new black man comes in and saves her. A black woman is so sad and lonely because she doesn’t have a man, then a man comes and picks her up off her feet. Then, there are just aids. That’s the punishment for being a black woman who has standards. Time and time again Tyler Perry has trolled us with the same old tired storyline. It is too easy to target and profit off of black women because we love it when we are validated and understood. The problem is not the story being told, but it’s the fact that he uses the same formula. I am absolutely clueless as to how his portrayal of the downtrodden black woman is good, but I know that’s not the way I want to be portrayed.

3. His produces low-quality films

Let me start by stating that I love black film. As I mentioned I give away good movie pass to anything with a storyline. My theory is that production is great if you can watch any scene in the film and that makes you want to watch the rest. Once I am invested in the story; acting, plot twist, even simple cinematography, doesn’t cause me to stop watching. I have a couple things that will make me turn a movie off, but I will not get into that. What I will say is that after all this time and all the money Tyler Perry has you would think that he could produce at least a good movie. They are not even good and the people that like them are lying just to support a black man. Sometimes when I really like a film, I like to read critical reviews because I want to know how someone could possibly hate something I like. I try to figure out the parts of the movie I may have missed. I also look at critic’s review if a movie is so bad to make sure it’s not just me. I look up A Fall from Grace on IMDb and I was surprised that the movie had a 6/10 rating, but then I skimmed through some of the critic’s reviews. What I like about what I read is that they wrote exactly how I feel, but can’t put into words. Here are a few:

“Perry’s self-produced soap opera scribble is the kind of hilarious so-bad-it’s-good romp in which the man behind the curtain invites his viewers to roll their eyes” Eric Kohn, IndieWire.

“While the performances are stronger and the narrative is more coherent than you’d see in a “Made” movie, for example, Perry’s latest still features many of the auteur’s trademarks: dizzying tonal swings, awkward blocking, drab lighting, jarring edits and mixture of the salacious and the puritanical.” Christy Lemire, RogerEbert.com

“Ultimately, nothing is much of a surprise in a story that fails to another itself from Perry’s longest-lasting trope: the sad black woman.” Candice Frederick, New York Times.

Listen, I am not swayed by another opinion, but they wrote exactly how I feel. I am all for supporting black filmmakers, but not like the films Tyler Perry produces. I just can’t support someone who is content with creating poor quality films.

 4. He doesn’t have a writer’s room.

The biggest debate about Tyler Perry’s productions is that he doesn’t have a writer’s room. Ever since he posted all the work he does on his alone people understand the reason his productions suck. Now, I understand in the beginning stages you have to wear many hats. I have been apart of many aspiring filmmakers projects and the director, actor, cameraman, and editor could all be the same person. However, Tyler Perry has more money and resources now. He stated in an interview with Sway that he had a bad experience with a writer’s room and having one made his ratings go down. Basically, Tyler Perry said that he writes what his audience wants and other writers can not do the same. I don’t expect Tyler Perry to make movies for me, but going back to a point I made earlier his films are low quality regardless of the story.  On top of that, he is promoting this capitalistic sleep when you die mentality. There is nothing wrong with working hard, but working smarter is much more useful. There is nothing wrong with delegating tasks. There is a huge problem with working so hard when you have the means to pay someone else to do it so you can focus on the vision.

5. He secretly laughs at us

There is no doubt that Tyler Perry’s productions are garbage. No aunty I am not being disrespectful when I have watched countless hours of Tyler Perry’s movies and my eyes are disgusted with me. I pretty sure I’ve lost a few brain cells trying to figure out if this was supposed to be good. Tyler Perry has made it clear that he will not change. This is not a plea for Tyler Perry to change, I am just letting you know that Tyler Perry is a whole troll. Look at his response to twitter dragging his movie.

Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.33.51 PM

I don’t know about you, but anyone who is content with producing garbage and then laughs in your face is a troll! When he produces a bad movie we talk about it and then it becomes a trending topic on twitter. Once a topic is trending on twitter then everybody is talking about it. Easy promotion! It sounds like a troll to me. Trolls stay giving us their unpopular opinion while there is always a naive person that goes back and forth with them. Tyler Perry produces a bad film. His core audience is going to love it. Everyone else is going to hate it so much that they have to tweet, vlog, and blog it. Tyler Perry laughs and says thanks for watching. Tyler Perry, we are not making jokes! But he knows that because he is a troll! He gets the promotion for the film without spending too much on marketing. Then, people hate-watch it, just so they can critique it. His views go up. He gets paid. That is what makes him a whole troll! So I could stop watching his stuff. However, I will not stop watching. I support him, even though I wish he would evolve as a filmmaker. I do not think Tyler Perry is a black woman-hater. I think Tyler Perry is a troll.

Those are my top 5 reasons I think Tyler Perry is a troll. Like if you agree with me. Comment if you have your own reasons you think Tyler Perry is trolling us. Another person who I think low-key trolls us is Jordan Peele, but his movies are high quality with good storylines. This has unearthed this desire in me to delve deeper into film and understand the different parts and functions. I only want to learn and have no end goal. Does anyone have some book recommendations? Please comment below.

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