Travel Africa: Chihe Primary School

In the midst of this pandemic, I wanted to share photos of my trip to Africa. Last week I posted a video of the students welcoming us to their school. Here are some more of my favorite photos from the school, enjoy.

Walking to School

All the students from Chihe Primary Elementary live in the village and walk to school. Sometimes they miss school because they have to stay home and help with the family. Some of the students walk to school without shoes. Ms. Cynthia, the organizer of my trip was gracious enough to buy shoes for the students who needed them.


Inside a P2 Classroom

As I walked into the classroom with my camera all the students were excited to see a new person. The teacher introduced herself and I slid to the back of the class because I didn’t want students to lose focus. The room was very basic, two blackboards one in the front and back. The room was filled with anchor charts with vocabulary with pictures.

As the teacher taught, students couldn’t help but look back at me because after all I did have a big camera in my hand and I kept taking pictures. Then, the teacher called me up and asked me to teach them a song. I taught them a song that would help them practice their vocabulary. After singing, the teacher told the students to whip out their notebooks and practice the new words that they learned.

After that, it suddenly got dark in the classroom because there were not any lights and they relied on natural light. It started pouring rain and a little bit of light peek through the open windows. The teacher stopped her lesson and started to sing to the students. She asked me to come up again and teach them another song. Even with the problems the teacher didn’t stop.

Afternoon Ceremony

In the afternoon, the students walked home for lunch. They get an hour for lunchtime to give them enough time to walk home, eat, and walk back. When they came back, the students presented a nice ceremony for us. I felt really special and their singing had me in tears from time to time. The kids were really happy despite their situation.


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