3 Tips for Packing

I finally finished and uploaded my first video. I am working on other projects, which I can do with all this time on my hands. There has been a meme circulating saying that we need to come out of this with new skills and a business. It really stressed me out because I felt like I was not doing enough. I do not think this is a time to force yourself to do things because a meme said so. I think this is the perfect time to connect with your family and relax. Our western society causes us to feel like we have to be extra, be the best, make more money, work hard- play hard. However, rest is an important part of staying healthy.

Anyway here is the video I created to show how I packed my things to leave Kuwait. I gave 3 quick tips for packing and showed some examples. I will write a blog post of how I went through this process.


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