Taking Some Time

I had a really nice post planned, but I accidentally sync my rough draft from my phone. I thought my phone’s draft would update to the latest version. It did not and not only was it not synced properly I published the rough draft. 🤦🏾‍♀️

My drafts are so messy and usually, I wrote my rough drafts somewhere else and copy and paste here when I am done. I started here because my post was going to be short and sweet, but when I started to write, my ideas were flowing. So I decided to go with it and do a long post.

It takes me about 6 hours to complete a blog post. Here is my process:

  1. Brainstorm – I choose topics that are relevant.
  2. Rough draft- I write down all my thoughts on a subject
  3. Edit- self-explanatory
  4. Revise- Once I am happy with the overall draft, I use software to catch spelling errors and grammar mistakes. It isn’t perfect and the software has an obsession with hyphens, but at least I have something to check my draft.
  5. Photos- I choose the top 3-8 images I want to use.
  6. Edit photos- Since I use my own photos, I edit them myself.
  7. Put it all together – I copy and paste to WordPress during the revision process because it is mostly finished and if I publish it too soon the damage is not too bad. After that, I add my photos.

On top of that, I think I take longer than most bloggers because I think too hard. The point is I  am not going to post for the next two weeks because I need to take some time to focus on enhancing my skills. I need to learn about my audience, grow my audience, monetize my blog, tweak my photo editing skills, and re-evaluate my brand. I never realized how many skills I’ve used as a blogger. I also want to become more professional and not have any more mess up’s like post the wrong blog. 😒

I understand that I am only human and am prone to mistakes.

Anyway moving forward there are a few changes that are going to take place on my blog this month. I haven’t made any set decisions yet, but that is what I will work on.

I have a lot to work on and honestly, I will not be finished in two weeks. That is why I said I’ll make changes this month and not the next few weeks. Lately, it’s been hard to focus. I am so anxious because I am entering a new phase of my life. Everything that I have done in the past few years was to prepare me for this moment. I have the ability to work from home now! This is what causes me to be anxious.

I have several courses I want to take and several tasks to complete. I have a hard time figuring out what is the necessary first step. On top of that, I pressure myself to post topics that are relevant. A step up from when I started and I just wanted to post content. All in all, I want to level up. I don’t want to be famous or super-rich either. I like to write and I want to earn a decent living doing what I like and setting my own schedule. It is as simple as that.

Also, blogging will not be my only source of income. I will have my hands in multiple projects- webinars, photo editing, photoshoots, Youtube, and possibly podcasting. The common consensus is that a person shouldn’t get into this if they are not self-disciplined or self-motivated. I am highly motivated, but my discipline can be improved. Honestly, I went to college as opposed to other options available to me because of my lack of discipline. I decided to be a teacher for the same reason. After 12 years of working for other people – I’m done.

I see it like this if I can get over the fact that I dislike schedules and routines and start to adapt them in my life. I can become self-disciplined. As a matter of fact schedules and routines are the two things that are going to be helpful during this time. I am determined to get over this hurdle.

Again, a post that was about to be short and sweet is turning into a longer post. This is probably my best rough draft yet. But can I really call it a rough draft? I already spent a couple hours working on this.  Anyway, to get back on topic I basically have a lot of things to do and it is challenging to focus on those things and complete my writing process at the same time. Again it causes me to be super anxious. So I need to lessen the pressure on myself.

I  lived for so long with a capitalistic mentality that tells me to work hard, do everything now, don’t sleep. I like to sleep and I like to rest and they are essential to my mental health. Quick side story: when I first became a teacher, I worked aftercare to make extra cash and I kept my part-time job working at Khol’s warehouse. I was working about 70 hours a week. I was only able to keep up with that for a few months. The point is I know what being overworked feels like and it was not fun. Part of what kept me going during those times is that I wanted to pay off my student loans and buy a camera. When I have a goal I will do what I have to do to stick to it.

So, I will over overcome my lack of self-discipline with the same energy that had me working 70 hours a week, except this time I will rest when needed.

I am happy with where I am now. I am proud of myself. I went from nobody wants to hear what I have to say to having 117 followers with an average of 3-4 four likes per post. That means something to me. I appreciate all of the people who have been on this journey with me. I can’t wait to look back at this post to see how far I have come.

That’s all I have for now and I hope you enjoy your weekend. Thanks for reading!


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