Woman Wednesday

2020 has been bizarre. 

When the pandemic hit I struggled with the relevance of my content. Back then (like a month ago) I said I would push past the crisis and create what I want. Now I feel obligated to address current events in America.

But first let’s discuss twitter.

I just joined twitter and I use to think comments on other social media were bad. Twitter is a disaster. Yet, I am here for all the drama. Yesterday afternoon #deletefacebooknow was trending which is a form of cancel culture. Cancel culture doesn’t work by creating a hashtag. There are levels to effecting a large corporation and you must start with their money. 

Anyway, I was scrolling twitter late last night and I saw racist using the black lives matter hashtag. I was very disturb. Like no. The racist man – (who shall remained unnamed) posted a video of a black man punching a woman in a store full of other black people. Obviously a black man beating a woman is wrong. There is no doubt about that.

However, what does that have to do with the countless amount of black people that have been killed by the hands of police. I do not think it is wise to interact these thumb thumping thugs who think they have a valid point as to why black lives don’t matter. One if the biggest issues of the BLM movement is that racist white people infiltrate the professional sphere and they are police officers, mayors, lawyers, judges…presidents.  It is hard to fight for justice against a system that stands for justice. The system is clearly flawed. So why should I waste energy on the social media thugs who are trolling.

George Floyd was still killed by an officer even though he was handcuffed and unarmed. I am very confused as to how someone can know the facts and still point to black on black crime or looting and riots. Logic says that an unarmed man being suffocated to death by the person who is suppose to serve and protect is unjust. However, racist white people see that and point to looters and rioters and say black lives don’t matter because they are thugs. Huh? Is that really your argument. There are so many layers to unpack, but that is not what this post is about. 

I do not watch the news, but yesterday I decided to tune into ABC while I exercised on the treadmill. For the most part the reporting started off unbiased. They showed the peaceful protest all over the country and how at night things turn for the worse. I don’t know how much I believe peaceful protesters during the day are turning into wild rioters at night, but I didn’t let that bother me. At the end they said stay tuned for some images that you may have seen that have a powerful impact. I was finished my workout, but decided to stay tuned. I turned the t.v off so fast when they showed the police officers hugging protesters. I was so done. ABC had me up until they showed those images. People are not protesting because we think police are bad. 

Black Lives Matter is to emphasize basic human rights and racial equality for black people. It is not about police being nice to people. We know all police aren’t racist killers. Just like all black people are not thugs.

Being on the frontline is not the only way to support the cause. There are a multitude of petitions to be signed and donations that you can make.

Anyway in the midst of all the outrage about George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery we can not forget Breonna Taylor who was shot down by police in her home. Rest in power. 

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