Black Woman Wednesday: 15 Youtubers You Should Subscribe to Now

I love watching Youtube videos. Here is a list of my favorite black woman Youtubers. I go to these woman to get a better understanding of their particular expertise.


Latoya Ebony – Provides helpful tips to take care of natural hair.

Whitney Madueke – Natural hair care, natural hair styles, and make-up she discusses it all with the biggest, most beautiful smile.

Yannie the Locologist – Another straight no chaser youtuber. She gives advice on taking care of locs with her main message to keep it simple.

Keisha Charmaine – Provides loc are tips and shares her loc journey.


Erin on Demand – Not your average girl boss. She is your go to guide for easy to understand tips to help you start your business.

Kat Theo – She is going to give you the run down for online employment and side hustles. She is your go to guide when you want to know how to make money on the side.


ForHarriet – A black feminist community. Kimberly Foster critiques pop culture as it relates to the black woman experience.

As Told By Kenya – Kenya hilariously takes a close look at social media trends and influencers.

Amandabb – Critiques pop culture and reviews television series.

Chrissie – Bluntly provides advice on colorism. She tells the truth straight no chaser.

Teanna Empowers – Commentary on social issues stating opinions that are contrary to popular belief.

Empressive – Discusses lastest news in urban pop entertainment. She also has several informative documentaries about musicians including Lauryn Hill.


Nappy Headed Jojoba – Witty commentary on beauty products and pop culture.

Jackie Aina – Commentary on beauty products while bringing light to brands that are inclusive of darker skin tones and those that are not.

The Golden Rx – Young vibrant esthetician providing skincare advice for black woman.


Divas Can Cook – I personally have not followed any of the recipes, but my mom has cooked a few of her dishes and they are tasty.

These are the black woman who I frequently watch on youtube. I do not always 100% agree with everything they advise or their opinions , but they are among the youtube creators that don’t spend too much time on fluff in the beginning. Go check out their pages you might learn something new.

Comment below your favorite black women youtubers. If you like this share on pinterest, facebook, or twitter. Thanks for reading!

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