Top 5 Natural Hairstyles Ranked

Hello everybody and welcome to the new focus of my blog. Here is my first long overdue post dedicated to the versatility of natural hair. Our hair is so versatile it looks easy. I remember a friend of mine  told me that she rocked a twist out to work and her colleague told her that she wished she had my friend’s hair.  My friend’s colleague said she wish she could wake up and go.  Now that’s some ignant mess. But my friend is so gracious and just educated her on the time consuming easy looking, carefree hairstyle called a twist out. My friend didn’t take offense because her colleague was just unaware and wasn’t trying to be negative. I was offended and the situation didn’t even happen to me, but I have to learn to not take things personally. Oftentimes people speak from a place of ignorance and not malice. Anyway,  the twist out is one of my favorite hairstyles it is not my top favorite. I am going to rank my top five favorite hairstyles. 

Now when I am talking about styles I really mean the overall ways people wear natural hair. The top 5 ways most naturals wear their hair are wigs/weave, loose natural, extensions, locs, and a short hair cut. Within all of these styles you can wear your hair different ways and most are interchangeable. A loose natural can still get wigs/ weave or extensions. I am ranking the main category based on the styles I’ve worn my hair. I rated these base on how it effected my morning routine and the time I spent to maintain it. So here are my top five hairstyles ranked. 

#5 – Wigs

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

 I only owned two wigs and wore them for a short period. The first time it was for a themed party(pimps and hoes) and the second for family pictures to cover up my unruly baby locs. I was pleasantly surprised at all the love and feedback I received on social media for looking so great and being beautiful because I switch my hair up. But it is also possible it was because I dressed up and had on make-up. Anyway, the nice part about wigs is that it is a good protective style and it is easy. Installing a wig is more work than I am willing to do which iswhy I didn’t wear wigs too often. Con: You can develop traction alopecia from wearing wigs too often. 

#4 Loose Natural

Photo by Bestbe Models from Pexels

I love the versatility of loose natural. As a loose natural you can wear wigs or extensions. You can get a blow out or wear an afro. My go to styles as a loose natural hair was a french braid and twist/twist out. The french braid was easy and elegant. The twist out was two hairstyles in one. I did different size twist depending on the time I had and what I wanted to achieve. For tighter curls I did small twist right after a wash. When I wanted a looser curl I did large twist on my hair after it was previously styled. Those were my go to everyday hairstyles. I would wear my hair in all types of styles as a loose natural. Con: Detangling and dryness.  My hair has low porosity meaning it doesn’t absorb a lot of moisture. I felt like my hair was resistant to detangling and I was tired of fighting with it, hence my second set of locs. 

#3 Box braids/ Marley twist

Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels

Easy – check, instant long hair – check. Protective style – check. My favorite part of having braids is that I didn’t have to wake up in the morning and worry about how I am going to do my hair. My favorite style I wore was a high bun. Just like with wigs you have to be careful with the tension because doing this style too often can damage your edges. Don’t get so caught up in protective styles that your edges suffer. Protective styles no longer are protective when your edges suffer. 

#2 Locs

Photo by Eben Odonkor from Pexels

 I have Locs right now, but that doesn’t mean it is my favorite. Locs are versatile and low maintenance. It is very similar to the feel of  braids/ Marley twist. If you find yourself wearing those styles a lot you might as well cross over to locs. It could be better for your edges.   When I cut my first set of locs I would wear marly twist because I missed my locs so much. On my first set of locs I loved to wear different styles and change it up. Now I am trying to style my hair less to avoid -say it with me- messing up my edges. Con: Locs have different stages and when you are in the baby stage the are is unruly. It could take up to a year for the hair to get out the baby stage. Once your locs are matured and they are long, the long hair can be annoying and in the way. 

#1 Short Hair


My all time favorite hair to rock was the short cut. The bald or boy cut. And I am not talking about having a twa (tiny winy afro). I never went bald, but the short cut was my ish. It was easy and I didn’t worry about doing my hair when I woke up in the morning. They style fit my face. All I had to do was get a hair cut every couple of weeks or so. For all my styles I mostly did my own hair with the exception of extensions and short hair. I didn’t know how to cut my own hair so I went to the barber. A barber is cheaper than a stylist. Over time I may have spent more money at the barbershop compared to the salon. I mostly did my own hair and went to the salon  about four times a year. With a short cut I went to the barbershop more than the salon, but I didn’t mind spending the money for the convenience of the style. Plus it is such a bold confident look. Cons: I don’t have any cons with this style. I love it. 

So those are my favorite styles ranked. If you want the easy and quick get short hair. If you want versatility and don’t mind the maintenance loose natural. If you want the best of both worlds, locs are the way to go. I love natural hair so much that I can not comprehend how someone can go natural and get a perm. I guess I can relate because loose natural is high maintenance which is the main reason why I loc’d it. I also know that everyone is not about the loc’d life, but why go back to a relaxer? It is something that I do not understand now that there is so much information out there about how to care for your natural hair. On top of the the people that are growing long relaxed hair are saying wear protective styles and stop doing too much. Which is the same advice I would give someone with loose natural. I guess I just need to let it go and mind my business. 

Let me know in the comments your favorite hairstyle.

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