5 Things to Know About Natural Hair

You can find plenty of information for natural hair care from products that are great to styles that are easy. What we don’t talk about enough are the basics. Some of us had to learn the hard way to understand the best practices when it came to taking care of our hair. I am some of us. So I created this list for new naturals and experienced naturals alike. Here are 5 basic things to know about your natural hair. 

1. Your Hair’s Porosity

The porosity of your hair determines how your hair absorbs moisture. This is important to know because it determines how well your hair will absorb the products you put in it. When I had a short cut I went to the barbershop regularly. My barber told me that I use too much product in my hair because it was flaking up. I did my research and found out my hair has low porosity. My hair wasn’t absorbing the product which caused build up. I have linked an article below that explains how to figure out your own hair’s porosity and more details about the concept. 

2. How to Do Your Own Hair

There were so many women who were struggling during the pandemic because they didn’t know what to do with their hair. Every natural should know how to do at least one style. The one style should be easy for you to do, just in case you can’t get to a stylist.  I recommend the twist out. The twist out is two hair styles in one and versatile. When I wanted tight coils I would do small twist after a wash. I would pin my twist up or let it hang free. After a week I would take the twist out and have tight curls. In order to achieve a wavy look I did  twist after my hair had been stretched. When you take the twist out you can still style your hair in different ways. Another one of my go to  styles I use to do was a french braid. The go to hair styles come in handy for those times you are busy or just plain lazy. 

3. Take Breaks

Protective styles are not only to protect your strands, but also to protect your sanity. I have locs today because I got so annoyed with my hair. Deciding to loc your hair is a big decision so protective styling is another way to go. Loose natural is very versatile, but can be difficult at times. Before you go back to chemically treated hair, I suggest you do protective styles to give yourself a break from your hair. Braids, twist, or wigs can save you from making a decision you might regret. You can also cut your hair off altogether. My top favorite hairstyle is the short cut. Again, I know that is a big decision so protective styling is the best option to keep your hair, but also get a break from doing it.

4. Keep It Simple

Of course you need to buy products, but you don’t need to buy all the products. When I first went natural all I had was water and grease and my hair flourished. You can still get results without having multiple products. Once you know your hair’s porosity then you can figure out your hair routine and which products work best for you.This will help you not over spend on hair care products. It is very easy to get caught up in the hype, but remember a product that works for someone else, may not work for you.  Also think of products as resources to help maintain moisture, instead of a way to make your hair manageable. Yes, hair that is moisturize is more manageable, but products will not fix underlying problems.

5. It Needs Tender Love and Care

Despite our hair being resistant to gravity it is fragile. It may be hard to detangle without a wide tooth comb, but that doesn’t mean it is strong. The reason it appears to be strong is because of your coils are intertwined. Think about the idea of there is power in numbers. One on its own is weak, but together they are strong. It is just like with our hair. Instead of thinking of our hair as a collective we have to think about how we are effecting each strand. On top of that we have to considering our scalp. The health of our scalp is literally the base for healthy hair. Treat your strands and scalp with a lot of TLC and you are guaranteed to have a head full of healthy hair. Giving your hair TLC also includes the way you talk about it and your diet. 

Those are the five things every natural should know about their hair. The natural hair journey can come with lots of ups and downs, but you can find peace by implementing these tips. These five tips can actually be applied to any hair texture. Healthy hair is more important than forcing it into a certain result. This is why I think many women go back to relaxed hair, because they can get it to be a certain way. On your natural hair journey you should embrace what you have.

Last thing I will say is that anyone who says natural hair doesn’t look good everyone is a straight up weirdo. The way that your hair grows out of your scalp without chemicals definitely looks good on you. 


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