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I completed my first video about my loc journey. Even though I have experience in production, experience does not equal ability to do it all. There was and still is a lot I have to learn. I suffer from being a know it all and that translate to me thinking I can do it all. Experience has humbled me.

My biggest obstacle with recording videos is finding the material I already have. Lately, I have been adding photos to my videos. It takes me so long to put a video together because I have pictures scattered all over the place. I have folders and decent names, I just have to plan gathering all the different pictures I want to use.

I Can’t Make up my Mind

I am starting to feel like I want to focus my attention on Youtube. I have been researching what it would take for me to become a money blog and frankly I am not willing to do the necessary work. M goal has always been working from home and blogging would have been one of my avenues. I love to write and share my ideas. I will continue to blog, but as far as trying to be a money making blog – that idea is starting to dwindle. I still am highly ambitious and will continue to pursue my goals.

My Loc Story

I wore locs for 7 years and then cut them. 6 years later I decided it was time to grow my locs again. Now it’s been two years since I started my loc journey and I wanted to take the time to share with you. One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that it was never my intention to get locs so I can take them out and wear my 4c natural hair long. I didn’t have enough patience or time to deal with the headache.

Another thing I didn’t do was save my locs. Seeing my locs detached from my head was weird. I just threw them in the garbage. I’ve heard of people cutting there locs and saving them to reattach them. That was just not for me. It was easier for me to do the big chop and restart later down the road. Besides I wanted to wear my hair short.

Short hair was a game-changer for me. I absolutely love short hair. If I could have found a decent barber overseas, I would have cut my loose natural hair short. The best option for me was to get locs. I think about cutting them from time to time, but I am going to allow my hair to grow and flourish before I big chop again. I was so tired of detangling my hair and figured my hair wanted to loc. I’ve learned that with 4c natural hair you have to work with it and not fight it. I have been natural most of my life and I learned the hard way that it is better to work with my hair.

As I embark on this loc journey for the second time I am still learning new things. I will post monthly updates about my locs and I will post loc care tips. Thanks for watching and subscribe to my channel.

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