About me

I love to take pictures and write to express my inner thoughts. I am passionate about natural hair and quality experiences so that’s what I write about. At any given time you’d probably catch me watching Youtube or listening to music.

While I was in college I did an internship at WETA a local television station in Virginia and I was a production assistant for PBS. I knew I was going places. After I graduated being an adult hit me like a ton of bricks. Without any job offers I felt unworthy and lost my vision and plan for my life. I loved working behind the scenes in tv production and at that time thought I wanted to be a producer. Even though I didn’t have a paid job, I worked for free in anything film related. I worked several odd jobs to make money for a few years until I decided to become a teacher.

When I became a teacher I leveled up as an adult. I had a stable job with a salary and benefits. Instead of working all the time, I could focus on my writing. After becoming a teacher I came across the opportunity to teach internationally, another dream of mine. I never thought I would teach in the Middle East, but that experience pulled me out of my comfort zone and changed my perspective. I left America as a young woman trying to figure it out to a grown woman who is confident in who she is. I am happy with my life and will continue to focus on my self-improvement. 

Hair Story

Here is the quick and dirty of how I became natural. I have been natural most of my life. From loose natural to locs, short hair back to loose nautral, and then finally back to locs again – I have experienced it all. This is why I can call myself a natural hair enthusiast.

The purpose of Insightful Black Woman is to build a community around the appreciation of natural hair and a safe space where we can encourage and uplift one another.