Stepping in the City

Being an adult hit me like a ton of bricks after I graduated from college. Up until that point I always had a vision, a plan for my life. I had my mom who expected so much of me. When I received my degree I didn’t see the value in it. What does my diploma really mean and what now? What now? What am I suppose to do now? I knew what I wanted to do, I knew what my mother had hoped I’d do. She wanted me to go to an Ivy League school – I already failed at that. She wanted me to be an engineer or some prestigious career, I failed at that too. With good intentions, she wanted the best for me, but it put a negative strain on me. I knew I wanted to write. I always knew, but after college with no career opportunities, no internships, no outline...I couldn’t help but wonder what now?

Fast forward a few years later I have found my what now, somewhat at least. I am learning that life is truly what you make it. I am learning that I don’t have to live up to everyone’s expectations. I’m learning that I can constantly reinvent myself to get what I want in life.

Insightful Black Woman is about putting real-life values into perspective. It is how a lost college graduate found her way. It is how a self-diagnosed anxious and depressed twenty-something rose out of the slums of self-pity and into the light of living with a purpose.

I am a dark skin African American woman with locs who teaches in the middle east. I also happen to be an introvert. I also have the privilege to travel once in a while. This blog is all about mental health. My hope is that you are encouraged to go out and conquer the world.